Just Honey...

...because we are passionate about bees and their delicious gift. Exploring honey varieties is like a never ending journey into new wonderful tastes. 


At alpuris we aim to offer you a unique selection of the rarest and most delicious honeys from Switzerland as well as from carefully chosen international locations.


We believe in non-industrial, sustainable, respectful and transparent small batch honey production.




Nature And bees

We have carefully selected regions all over the world where the bees live in unspoiled surroundings far away from pesticides, antibiotics, traffic or other sources of pollution. Small batch production guarantees that bees and nature are treated with respect and care.


Honey is an all natural product built on trust. Nothing added, nothing taken away. We personally talk to our beekeepers, visit their bee hives and let them explain how they work. And only if all of our expectations are met, we become partners.


The most important criteria for us are the quality of the honey  - and the story behind the product. We will never offer a honey which has an intransparent and suspicious background. We always aim for the best combination of outstanding quality & great stories!