The perfect gift for corporations, institutions and authorities

Honey is a highly appreciated gift all over the world and across all cultures. It's easy to transport, doesn't melt or get hurt, and remains stable for years. We offer amazing solutions for

  • employee gifts (appreciation for their contributions, birthdays, jubilees, hiring and retirement etc.)
  • customer gifts
  • events (lectures, anniversaries etc.)
  • marketing (giveaways at booths etc.)

All glasses and even the wooden gift boxes can be tailormade according to your needs. Since our honey is a rare and limited natural product with a transparent individual origin, it expresses your own thoughtfulness and appreciation for the honored.


Here are some of our corporate customers: ebl (energy solutions), Swiss Post Reinach, Swiss Banking Association, Bereuter (construction), FitnessTreff Niklaus, TrainInn, Käch Transports, Hunziker office solutions, Teufelhof Basel (hotel & restaurant), Schneider (bakery).

Standard boxes

Our handcrafted wooden boxes are suitable for one (4.4 oz/125g, 8.8oz/250g and 17.6oz/500g glasses) or for a totally flexible choice of any 3 glasses. Please contact us to find the best solution for your needs.

Tailormade labels

Every single glass (all sizes and forms) can be adapted to bear your company, department or event name on it. We can also add any type of message that you would like to convey (e.g. birthdays, jubilees etc.)

Tailormade glasses & boxes

Apart from the glass, we can also provide you with tailordmade boxes that bear your company name, logo, or any other print motive that you choose - in any size, any number and always at a very reasonable price.

More examples of custom made gift boxes...

More examples of custom made gift boxes...