Shipping costs for
1 x Naintschgraben DF

Variant Weight
70g Glas rund 0.2 kg
250g Glas rund 0.5 kg

To Switzerland
Variant Shipping Costs
70g Glas rund CHF 7.90
250g Glas rund CHF 7.90

Weight-Based Shipping:
> 0 to 2 kg: CHF 7.90
> 2 to 5 kg: CHF 9.90
> 5 to 10 kg: CHF 11.90
> 10 to 20 kg: CHF 15.90
> 20 to ∞ kg: CHF 0.00

Free Shipping for Large Orders: CHF 90.00

Additional Information

Shipping is currently available for Switzerland only. Parcels leave within three working days after payment has been received. Due to the high demand from abroad, we are looking for business partners and distributors in other countries, too. As soon as these solutions are in place we can send parcels to other destinations outside of Switzerland.