June 7, 2019. The Swiss Demeter association published an interview with the founder of alpuris, Michael Mildner.

In April 2019, alpuris participated in an international contest because we were curious to see how one of the best rated honeys in Switzerland will perform on an international level. It was very satisfying for us that Gion Grischott's Pignia Spring Honey was awarded the gold medal at the 2019 International London Honey Quality contest.

When we informed the beekeeper, the first thing he said was that the will immediately visit his bees and tell them about the news...

November 2017. Top quality pays off - our range of honey from beekeeper Gion Grischott has been awarded the Swiss "BioGourmet" label for outstanding taste! A unique event in Swiss beekeeping, and an evidence that our careful selection of only the best honeys is the right way to go. Congratulations to Gion and his bees!

Below are some impression of this award winning honeys: Pignia spring honey (first picture, left), Andeer summer honey (middle) and Alp Niemet alpine roses (right). Enjoy them as long as they are still available!

our event of the year:

...it's done, and how it was done! A big thank you to the more than 100 honey lovers who attended this first Basel Swiss Alpine honey tasting!!! And a huge Merci to the owners of the Teufelhof who were particularly supportive and kind in arranging this wonderful sweet evening. Below are some images from the event.


...der Anlass ist nun bereits Geschichte, und wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei den über 100 Honiginteressierten bedanken, die an dieser ersten Basler Alpenhonigdegustation teilgenommen haben! Ein grosses Dankeschön auch an die Familie Wyniger vom Teufelhof Basel, die uns diesen Anlass durch ihre freundliche Unterstützung erst möglich machte. Nachfolgend einige Impressionen von der Honigdegustation am Mittwoch, 25.10.2017.

July 29, 2017. Gion Grischott's Alpine Spring Honey and Alpine Rose Honey has arrived! Outstanding quality, limited quantities as always, available as from now. The Alpine Summer Honey from Andeer will follow within the next few weeks. Enjoy!

July 18, 2017. NEW set of wooden gift boxes! Here are our new boxes for 3 or 6 honey glasses of 85g 3 oz each. You can simply choose the honey varieties that you like most from our range and add the box to your selection, and we will send you the complete set whether for your own treat or as an outstanding gift set.

You'll find some images of these new wooden boxes below. They are all ecologically produced by a small and familiy owned alpine company.

July 15, 2017. Alpine summer happiness! We just came back from the Swiss Alps with lots of exciting experiences - and some kilos of freshly harvested black bee honey from the village of Tschierv (about 150 residents) in the remote Val Müstair. This honey by beekeeper Renata Bott is from her beehives at an altitude of 1700 meter, and we are lucky that the bear didn't touch her hives this year as he did last year when he stole the honey from two hives at this location. Renata, who is a beekeeper since decades and a dedicated breeder of black bee queens takes it easy: "The bears do know where to find the best honey, so there is also a positive aspect to what happened last summer" she says. Some pictures of Renata, her beehives and the Val Müstair (a MUST visit place...) are attached in the photo gallery below for you.

We also visited our new beekeeper Stefan Manser in the canton of Glarus, who will provide us with whipped black bee honey in September, and of course we took a close look at the Lüsai bee hive location high up in the Val Müstair National Park - David Conradin will supply us exclusively with honey from this special place in August. And yes, this summer I've also been to Austria where I visited the travelling beekeeper Johannes Gruber to do the Stuhleck alpine forest honey harvest with him. But that's a separate story which will be told once his six honey varieties have arrived...

June 15, 2017. Dear honey lovers, just a short note on the 2017 harvest. The first honey this year is Gion Grischotts Alpine Spring Honey from Pignia, and Gion told me that his harvest will be only 25% (!) of his usual amount. This is due to the extremely cold weather in April. This is very bad news. But we also have two good news for you: The quality of this harvest is excellent, as Gion confirmed, and due to our close and personal relationship with the beekeeper we will be able to assure supply for the people that have preordered Gion's honey. Since we ordered much more honey of every selected type of Alpine Honey this year, we are confident that there will be lot's of great honeys - including some new ones - for you to discover. Enjoy!

15. Juni 2017. Eine kurze Nachricht an die Honigliebhaber zur Ernte 2017. Der erste Honig, der dieses Jahr geerntet wird, ist der Frühlingshonig von Gion Grischott aus Pignia. Gion hat mir erzählt, dass seine Ernte dieses Jahr nur 25% (!) der normalen Menge entspricht. Der Grund dafür ist das kalte Wetter im April, das Frost brachte und viel Schnee auf den Löwenzahnblüten. Das ist eine sehr schlechte Nachricht. Doch es gibt auch zwei sehr gute Neuigkeiten: Die Qualität der diesjährigen Pignia-Ernte ist ausgezeichnet, wie Gion bestätigt hat, und wegen unserer guten und persönlichen Beziehungen zum Imker können wir alle Vorbestellungen ausliefern!  Dazu kommt, dass wir dieses Jahr sehr viel mehr Honig bei den Imkern bestellt haben, auch einige wunderbare neue Sorten, so dass wir sicher sind, dass trotz der schwierigen Wetterbedingungen tolle Entdeckungen auf Sie warten. Geniessen Sie es!