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You are invited to taste all of our delicous honeys & other products for free at our main honey tasting event of the year 2019:

We offer our full range of Swiss Alpine Honeys plus some carefull chosen "specials" at the grand tasting on Saturday, October 26, 3 pm to 6 pm. Location: Hotel-Restaurant "Teufelhof", Leonhardsgraben 47, right in the middle of the Basel Old Town and easily reachable by tram.

Our business partner, the specialized cheese shop "Glausi's" from Basel, has selected 12 cheese specialities which fit perfectly with our honeys, and the Teufelhof sommelier has added three regional wines that offer a surprising taste experience together with the cheese and honey - the entrance is free, and this is surely a unique event not to be missed!

If you like, you can call us on 079 835 37 71 to make an appointment.

PS: The BioGourmet-awarded alpine beekeeper Gion Grischott will be present and happy to answer your questions.

October 21, 2019    As the winter approaches we decided to add a big portion of concentrated sunshine to our product range... Here are three new honeys from the remote mountain areas of Northern Greece: Pindos Oak Forest Honey, Kipari Sage Honey and Tzoumerka Heather Honey.

We have been looking and searching for these honeys since about 2 years and now we are extremely happy to offer them. There is a lot of rubbish on the market, as some mass producers do not really care much about natural and high quality honey. Many honeys are microfiltered which makes them look nice but also destroys their natural character, it changes honey to become an industrial product. 

Our beekeeper in Greece, Kiriakos Viros, does the contrary. He decided to become an organic beekeeper 7 years ago in order to supply his family with pure organic, high quality food. His honeys gain our highest appreciation: they are intense, exciting and simply outstanding from any other honey we tasted.

Now available in our internation honey range.

October 12, 2019   Right on time for the cold season: the new harvest of the sunflower honey with propolis has arrived! Beekeeper Johannes Gruber works according to strict organic regulations and uses only propolis from his own hives as add-on to his sunflower honey from the Burgenland region in Austria. Propolis is the strongest natural antibiotic and its effect on health is well documented. Together with sunflower honey, it even becomes a gourmet delight!

Now available in 70g and 220g jars at healthy prices.

September 23, 2019   Autumn is here, and so is our brand new health product line based on honey and other bee products.


The nicely packed 200g bee pollen jars from the Swiss Emmental, produced by local beekeepers from this region, is a great start. More products will follow soon. You can find them in our "Health" section.

September 23, 2019.   A new arrival from Austria, rare and really special: The Naintschgraben DF (double fermented) spruce forest honey made by migratory beekeeper Johannes Gruber. This honey is part of our honey/international range.


In certain years honey cristallizes already in the bee hive due to melezitose (a special kind of sugar found mainly in honeydew), and the beekeeper can't extract it any more from the honeycomb. It takes a lot of experience and skills to use this cristallized honey as a natural nutrition for the bees in the same hive, but it really pays off: this Naintschgraben DF type of honey has been processed twice by the bees, it is highly concentrated and shows an intense, malty, musk taste with all the flavors of the deep spruce mountain forest. Unique.

August 27, 2019    Now our honey range for this season is almost complete (well, to be honest, it never stops growing, it's just too exciting to stop...). Here are some of the new honey varieties that arrived over the past 3 weeks:


- Alpine blossom and forest honey from Val Des Dix, Valais. This is an extremely strong and intense honey. Bees live at an altitude of 1400m asl amidst a steep flowery meadow, close to an alpine forest. This allows bees to choose their nutrition wherever the best offer is - from a huge variety of alpine flowers or from the honeydew in the nearby forest. Taste: concentrated, with fruity and herbal notes. Color: dark, clear brown. Consistency: liquid, remains like this for the next months.


- Alpine blossom honey from Bergell, Grisons. One of the all-time-favorites of honey lovers, unique fresh and fruity taste, lemon and very slight chestnut notes. Clear, bright yellow, liquid. Well, as if this wasn't good enough: Based on a special agreement with beekeeper Claudio Gianotti we managed to get our honey from his three Bergell locations in separate deliveries, available for honey lovers on special request. Apart from his "classic" Bergell honey from Promontogno, we can also supply a variety from a location just a few hundred meters away (there is a difference in the linden and chestnut-portion of both honeys) as well as from a location a few kilometers apart at the Maloya pass (this honey has a strong portion of alpine roses). If you are interested in tasting two or all three varieties, e.g. in a wooden gift box for three glasses or just in 2 or 3 glasse, please send an email to: info@alpuris.com


- Jura mountain honey from Le Noirmont by Pierre Froidevaux. We had to wait a long time for this specialty, as it wasn't sure if there would be any honey available for sale at all - but here it is now, and we are happy to be able to offer this variety to you even in hard times when some beekeepers do not have any harvest at all or just an extremely low quantity. For Pierre, this meant that he had just 4 kilos of honey from a hive this year instead of the common 20-30 kilos in this region. Good relationship, trust and fair payments made it possible. A rich and intense honey with the broad variety of flowery meadows at an altitude of 1000m asl, from the remote areas of the Nature Park Doubs. Color: deep yellow. Consitency: cristallizes quickly due to the low water content.


- Alpine blossom honey from Grindelwald. This delicious honey offers the full range of Grindelwald's flowery meadows plus a tiny little bit of a spicy linden and citrus touch as a free add-on... Unique.

Various honey, jam and chocolate/praliné-types are available upon request, also with your individual logo.
Various honey, jam and chocolate/praliné-types are available upon request, also with your individual logo.

August 11, 2019   We are happy - the alpuris babies are born! It took us a long time to find small one-portion-glasses which fit the quality of the products we are offering in these glasses. Here they are, and we are even more happy that we immediatley found a customer who cares as much as we do about local, high-quality products from small manufacturers. The Swiss Panoramic Gourmet AG is now using our straw- and blackberry jams as well as an Alpine blossom honey in their wonderful Panoramic trains that cross the Alps between Valais and Grisons - another perfect fit!

This glass size (22 - 28g per glass depending on the content) is especially designed for the gastronomic, hotel and event business, but it can be used for private events as well. BTW: The honey is exclusively produced for alpuris by beekeeper David Conradin from his Lüsai black bee hives (1920m asl), and the jam is made by Nicolo Paganini at his fruit farm and agriturismo in Campascio - always worth a visit!

The village of Tschlin has been awarded the most beautiful Swiss village.
The village of Tschlin has been awarded the most beautiful Swiss village.

August 5, 2019   We're back from an exciting road trip to visit our beekeepers in the Val Müstair and Engiadina region, where we were able to pick up the new harvest.

- The Lüsai black bee honey from Val Müstair (organic BioSuisse) which is exclusively produced for alpuris

- An awesome Alpine blossom honey which is new in our range. It is produced in the village of Tschlin (1500m asl)

Both honeys can now be ordered in our Webshop - enjoy!

Beekeeper Markus Zbären in front of his handmade Swiss bee house.
Beekeeper Markus Zbären in front of his handmade Swiss bee house.

July 29, 2019   What a discovery! We always loved hiking in the Bernese Oberland, especially in the Lenk/Simmental region. During one of these hikes we discovered the wonderful traditional Swiss bee house of Markus Zbären close to Lenk, and after some interesting discussions and a tasting of his new harvest we knew that we had to have this unique Alpine blossom honey in our range. An irresistable, broad, intense taste of wild Alpine meadows (bees collect nectar up to 2400m asl starting from 1000m), a golden color and the option to add a creamed version of his honey to the normal variety.  We couldn't think of anything else we'd wished for... This honey can be ordered as from the end of August in our Webshop.

July 22, 2019   It was a tough and depressing Spring time in many parts of Switzerland, including the Jura mountains. Due to the cold and wet weather conditions, there was no Spring honey to be harvested. Nethertheless, alpuris is happy to present you a truly wonderful, rich and intense Summer honey from the Jura mountains (Les Bois is located at 1000m asl amidst the Nature Park Doubs). Beekeeper Jacques Willemin reserved a very small batch of his best honey for us, which is now on sale - don't miss it...